Apple accuses Facebook of ‘collecting as much user data as possible’

Apple accuses Facebook of ‘collecting as much user data as possible’

The iPhone maker is planning to launch a feature that will force advertisers to get permission to track users across the web

Apple has accused Facebook of harvesting vast amounts of data from users and disregarding their privacy amid a growing row between two of the world’s biggest tech firms.

As part of a response to pressure from campaigners, Apple hit out at the social network for exploiting users to maximise its profits.

Jane Hovarth, the $2 trillion (£1.5 trillion) company’s head of privacy, said: “Facebook executives have made clear their intent is to collect as much data as possible… to develop and monetise detailed profiles of their users, and this disregard for user privacy continues to expand to include more of their products.”

Facebook hit back, claiming Apple was trying to “move the free internet into paid apps and services where they profit”.

Apple is planning to launch a new feature in its iOS software that will force app makers to ask permission before sharing unique digital identifiers which allow users to be tracked by advertisers such as Facebook.