Biden Team Says It Is Facing Transition ‘Resistance’ from Pentagon

Biden Team Says It Is Facing Transition ‘Resistance’ from Pentagon

Pentagon says it wanted a ‘pause’ in transition meetings for the holidays

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team said it was informed Thursday that meetings with the Defense Department were being put on hold, adding it had met with “isolated resistance” in some parts of the government ahead of the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Yohannes Abraham, the Biden-Harris transition’s executive director, said Friday that transition teams that are working with agencies to prepare for the January handoff had received cooperation from the Trump administration for the most part. But he said they had issues with some officials, “including from political appointees within the Department of Defense.”

Mr. Abraham said the transition was “concerned to learn this week about an abrupt halt in the already limited cooperation” at the Defense Department.

In a statement Friday morning, acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller said that a “mutually-agreed upon holiday pause” would take place.