Biden to Nominate Blinken as Secretary of State

Biden to Nominate Blinken as Secretary of State

Biden’s picks for United Nations ambassador and national security adviser are also all-but-confirmed.

The news of Blinken’s impending nomination comes as the Biden campaign plans to formally announce a slate of cabinet picks this coming Tuesday. Some more have already leaked: Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the top U.S. diplomat for African Affairs under President Barack Obama, is lined up as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and Jake Sullivan is set to take on the role of national security adviser after holding that same position under then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Blinken you’ll miss it. Although well-respected in D.C. policy circles, Blinken’s relatively low profile would be a departure from previous Democratic secretaries of state: Both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were national figures with global name recognition when they took the post during the Obama administration.

In contrast to his Democratic predecessors, who may have had their own power bases, Blinken has spent most of his career by Biden’s side. His foreign-policy career began at the U.S. State Department, eventually becoming senior aide to then-Senator Joe Biden on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who then made him his national security adviser when he became vice president. His most recent public position was as deputy secretary of state in the final two years of the Obama administration.

Upon leaving public service, Blinken founded a consultancy with Michèle Flournoy. As Flournoy is hotly tipped to become Biden’s secretary of defense, it would bring their professional relationship to the global stage.