Biden urged to avoid repeating Obama’s mistakes in Asia

Biden urged to avoid repeating Obama’s mistakes in Asia

Fears rise that problems at home will distract new president from flashpoints in North Korea and Taiwan

US allies in Asia have urged Joe Biden to avoid repeating the strategic failures of the Obama administration as the US president-elect sets out to repair the diplomatic damage wrought by four years of Donald Trump in the White House.

Expectations are high that Mr Biden will steer the US from the transactional and heavy-handed dealings with traditional security allies that characterised the Trump presidency and dented Washington’s credibility as a military partner in the region.

But officials and experts across Asia are concerned a myopic domestic focus will lead to neglect of pressing issues such Kim Jong Un’s weapons of mass destruction and border clashes between India and China.

There is also worry that moves to ease tensions between Washington and Beijing risk undermining US commitments to Taiwan as well as opposition to Chinese military expansion in the South China Sea.