Biden’s Smart Pick for Vice President Tells Us a Lot

Biden’s Smart Pick for Vice President Tells Us a Lot

  • By choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate, Joe Biden has once again proven his good judgment.

Every smart executive knows that you’re only as good as the team you build around you.

It’s a lesson I’ve learned over my entire career, and a lesson that clearly escaped our current president. Joe Biden just proved he gets it. By picking Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, Biden has selected a strong governing partner for his White House.

At a time when the country is facing the worst series of crises in generations, we have seen how debilitating it is to have a White House that is in a constant state of chaos and turmoil, bouncing from one scandal to another, from one reckless decision to another, from one broken promise to another, and from one petty Twitter fight to another.

The country needs stable, mature, responsible leadership to pull us out of this ongoing disaster — and Senator Harris will help Joe Biden deliver it. With his eight years as vice president, Joe understands the value of having a partner who can complement and balance the chief executive’s experience. Joe’s decades in the Senate proved to be a major asset for President Obama, especially his successful work with legislators to pass the Affordable Care Act. In the same way, Senator Harris’s experience on Capitol Hill — and her leadership on issues of racial equity and criminal justice reform — will be invaluable in a Biden administration.