British Muslims Rally to the Uyghur Cause

British Muslims Rally to the Uyghur Cause

  • Muslims in London are supporting the Uyghur cause, spurred on to take up the challenge and stand against the atrocities being metered out by Beijing.

British Muslims are backing Uyghurs following evidence of mounting atrocities and forced assimilation in North West China. The deteriorating situation in the region of Xinjiang was flagged up recently at a public meeting in London to raise awareness of violence and torture in the Uyghur heartland and to call UK Muslims to stand against Beijing’s treatment of their fellow Muslims.

The meeting to coincide with the massacre of Uyghurs, in Ghulja, a city on the border of Kazakhstan in 1997, was called by the East London Mosque in Whitechapel and sponsored by the Cordoba Foundation. Speakers ranged from Uyghurs who have lost families in the most recent roundups in Xinjiang, to a British parliamentary shadow minister, and several campaigners in the field of human rights.

Harun Rashid Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, urged participants to “loudly protest” against the injustices meted out by Beijing.

“Imagine the place that you have always lived turning against you,” he suggested. “Imagine, you are no longer allowed to speak your mother tongue, the language of your people, in public, that even when you do speak, it is with fear and self-censorship, in a climate of intense surveillance. Imagine hiding pages of the Qur’an in your freezer, so that you don’t fall foul of random checks. Imagine knowing that physical and psychological torture await you in secretive re-education camps, should you be picked up off the streets and detained for no reason,” said Harun Khan.