Business can make a big difference in ending Covid

Business can make a big difference in ending Covid

Employers have an important role to play in advancing vaccine literacy and uptake

One day early next year, you may well turn on your smartphone and see the following message, or one like it, from the company that you work for. What would go through your mind after you read it?

SUBJECT: Covid-19 vaccination

Dear valued colleague:

We are pleased that our human resources team has secured doses of the new Covid-19 vaccine and it will be free for all employees. An appointment has been made for you to receive the first of your two vaccine shots in the cafeteria at 9AM on Wednesday. Please be prompt, wear your mask and keep your distancing in the queue. A successful vaccination drive is key to our return to a more normal life and workplace! 

Cordially, John Cooper, CEO

Suppose you actually did get an email like that, or that you were even responsible for sending it? Coronavirus has tested everyone’s resolve this year. Now, with the UK’s regulatory approval this week of one of the new vaccines, an end to the pandemic is in sight. Yet many people — including even doctors, nurses and people who have taken flu jabs and vaccinated their children against polio and measles — have said that they are reluctant to take a vaccine that has been developed so quickly, and in such a politically charged environment.