China in a post-virus world

China in a post-virus world

Who is winning the China-US race to run the world amid the pandemic?

Coronavirus crisis has brought potential to redraw the map of global power and influence, but there is ‘deep-seated mistrust’ of Beijing.

Has pandemic shifted balance of military force in the Indo-Pacific?

Taiwan Strait and South China Sea are settings for China and the US to assert influence with naval displays and military exercises.

Is the pandemic a turning point for China’s role in the global economy?

Beijing is preparing for an international backlash following the coronavirus pandemic, but it is determined to maintain China’s integral role in the global economy.

China braces for international backlash in a post-coronavirus world

The global health crisis has killed tens of thousands of people, battered economies and put a severe dent in Beijing’s relations with other countries.

Superpower drive to lure companies out of China post-virus gathers momentum

The coronavirus has again highlighted an over-reliance on China, with the United States, Japan and the European Union drawing up separate plans to lure their companies away.