China is home to 18 of the 20 most surveilled cities in the world

China is home to 18 of the 20 most surveilled cities in the world

Beijing has the most CCTV cameras installed of any city in the world and Taiyuan, the capital of the central province of Shanxi, has the most cameras per person. 

China is home to 18 of the world’s 20 most monitored cities and over half the surveillance cameras in use globally, according to a study by British technology website Comparitech.

According to the research, of non-Chinese cities, London ranked third while Hyderabad in India took 16th place.

But while the use of live video surveillance continues to grow, the study said that more cameras do not necessarily reduce crime rates.

“A primary argument in favor of closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance is improved law enforcement and crime prevention … [But] a higher number of cameras just barely correlates with a lower crime index,” it said.

The study compared the number of public surveillance cameras with the crime indices reported based on surveys by Numbeo, a crowdsourced database.

China’s national video surveillance system, which authorities claim keeps the public safe, has equipped the country with more than 20 million cameras. Chinese state media reported in 2017, with millions more expected by 2020.