China races to contain coronavirus outbreak in Xinjiang

China races to contain coronavirus outbreak in Xinjiang

The remote city of Kashgar in China’s far west detected more than 100 asymptomatic Covid-19 cases on Sunday, the regional health authority said.

Gu Yingsu, the Xinjiang health committee deputy head, told a press conference that all 137 new cases were related to one identified in a 17-year-old villager in Shufu county the previous day.

Gu said the cases were all related to a factory in a neighboring village where the girl’s parents worked.

The outbreak is the biggest reported in China since a cluster of cases linked to a market in Beijing in June.

The Kashgar authorities started a mass testing program after the girl was found to be infected during a routine screening. The health authority said the 17-year-old worked in a different factory making clothes and returned home once every two weeks. The 831 other workers at the girl’s factory all tested negative.