China trumpets crackdown on ‘Taiwan’s spies’

China trumpets crackdown on ‘Taiwan’s spies’

“Spies from Taiwan” are making headlines in China.

The People’s Daily, the main mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, on Thursday ran a commentary titled “A warning to Taiwanese intelligence officials,” accusing the self-ruled island of stepping up espionage in pursuit of independence.

It all started when the state-run China Central Television reported on Sunday night that national security authorities had cracked hundreds of espionage cases involving Taiwan and caught many alleged spies in a special initiative called “Thunder 2020.”

The program featured a man from Taiwan who was detained in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, in August 2019. He reportedly entered the city after participating in demonstrations in Hong Kong, and secretly took pictures of the People’s Armed Police Force that had gathered in preparation for a possible clampdown on protesters.

The man appeared on the program himself, saying he was very sorry. He said it is wrong to use violence against one’s homeland, criticizing the demonstrations in Hong Kong.