China unlikely to find Biden a soft touch

China unlikely to find Biden a soft touch

WASHINGTON – In his unsuccessful campaign for re-election, President Donald Trump repeatedly warned that a victory for Joe Biden would be a win for China and that Beijing would “own America.”

Despite that rhetoric, there is little to suggest Beijing will find Biden a soft alternative to Trump, who dramatically shifted the U.S. narrative to confront the world’s second-largest economy in his final year in power.

Even before Trump took office, the last Democratic administration of President Barack Obama and then Vice President Biden had significantly hardened its attitude toward China.

After initial efforts to engage Beijing, Trump’s administration took this further, pushing back forcefully against China’s efforts to spread its influence globally, earning some grudging praise from Biden advisers despite a bitterly fought election campaign.

Biden has not laid out a detailed China strategy, but all indications are he will continue the tough approach to Beijing.