Courage Through Knowledge

Strategic Pan Indo-Pacific Arena traces the concept of Indo-Pacific to 2006. Since then this concept has been deployed by various governments that believe the future conflict and cooperation, leading to world peace of the world would be Indo-Pacific. However, with the dawn of Pandemic of SARS Cov II, which triggers the disease of Covid-19, it is important to understand that all global issues will have a transcontinental dimension, be they in the realm of politics, philosophy economics, and environmental issues (which are aggravating climate change). The arrival of Pandemic has made it difficult to understand who is up, or, down, in the hierarchy of great or medium powers, as the virus continues to mutate and dominate at frenetic speed.

Strategic PIPA will constantly highlight the textual, audio and video production of various scholars on the above subjects, carefully critiquing them, in English and Bahasa. The targeted audience, ideally, is the people of Eurasia, which is why the world, Pan, is introduced into Indo-Pacific too. Strategic Pipa will try to create, and curate, all contents, in a fair and judicious manner, without violating anyone’s copyrights in this vast field. legally subscribed to all the shared magazines, and newspapers, sometimes even making a donation to them to respect the spirit of investigative journalism. Only articles that can ensure a better world are chosen as the best of the best. They don’t target any countries except to raise healthy respect for international law. The site is in the works to comply with Creative Commons even more deeply and further. You are free to browse and read, but there is no share button, as the articles posted respect the rights of each newspaper and magazine. Efforts would be made to reach out to them to collaborate more deeply with Strategic Pan Indo-Pacific Arena.

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