Covid-19 Aid Bill Remains Uncertain as Trump Calls for Larger Payments

Covid-19 Aid Bill Remains Uncertain as Trump Calls for Larger Payments

Delay could result in millions having their unemployment benefits suspended and possible shutdown of federal government

WASHINGTON—A sweeping legislative package containing pandemic aid for businesses and families and funding for the government remained in limbo Saturday as President Trump continued to press for larger direct payments to Americans.

The delay could result in millions of people experiencing a suspension of unemployment benefits and a possible shutdown of the federal government on Tuesday.

Congress is scheduled to return early next week, although it is unclear whether lawmakers can reach a compromise that would address the president’s objections. The measure passed with enough votes to override a potential presidential veto, but it was unclear Saturday whether Mr. Trump’s opposition would persuade any Republicans to reconsider.

On Saturday, Mr. Trump renewed his criticism of the legislation, calling on lawmakers to increase the direct coronavirus-relief payments to $2,000 for individuals from $600 per adult and per child, the current level in the bipartisan bill. He also targeted the $1.4 trillion government funding bill that was attached to the legislation, casting it as reckless spending at a time when federal resources should be focused on the economic recovery in the U.S.