‘Death is Everywhere’ Millions More Uyghurs Missing

‘Death is Everywhere’ Millions More Uyghurs Missing

  • CJ Werleman reports on evidence that up to nine million Uyghurs are unaccounted for and allegations that the Chinese authorities plan to kill, incarcerate or convert the whole of the minority population

“The situation is much, much worse than what is being reported. The Uyghur people have disappeared. Death is everywhere right now.”

These are the words of Dr Erkin Sidick, a Uyghur American who is the President of the Uyghur Projects Foundation and senior advisor to the World Uyghur Congress.

He claims that the total number of Uyghur detainees in camps in China and those presumed dead now exceeds the total number of Jews detained and killed during the Holocaust – an allegation that dwarfs previous reports on China’s ‘demographic genocide’ in Xinjiang, or what was once East Turkestan.

“This isn’t indoctrination, it’s eradication,” says Sidick.

Sidick believes that reports in the international media about the situation in Xinjiang are essentially two years behind current realities on the ground.