Does the US-led Five Eyes have wider sights on China?

Does the US-led Five Eyes have wider sights on China?

  • A group of Renmin University international relations specialists says the alliance has become another part of Washington’s efforts to contain Beijing
  • Japan is interested in becoming a ‘sixth eye’ but China should not respond by ramping up tensions, observer says

The US-led “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance seems to be expanding into a political and economic union as part of Washington’s campaign against Beijing, Chinese observers warned.

The observers, a group of international relations faculty staff at Beijing’s Renmin University, said the alliance was just the start and the United States could encourage other countries and blocs to join forces.

“The Five Eyes alliance, which once operated in a secret and low-profile way, has come to light and become another major political alliance for the US to contain China,” the group wrote in an article in the online magazine China Economic Diplomacy Watch on Thursday.

The warning comes after New Zealand changed course last week and joined the US, Britain, Canada and Australia in suspending its extradition agreement with Hong Kong. The move was made in protest against Beijing’s decision to impose the new national security law in the semi-autonomous city.

New Zealand also upgraded its Hong Kong travel advice to alert its citizens to the risks presented by the new law.