Biden plans to reset ‘America First’ foreign policy

Biden plans to reset ‘America First’ foreign policy

If Donald Trump loses next month’s election, many US allies hope it will be the last the world hears of “America First”.

Joe Biden, his Democratic rival, is planning to reset four years of isolationist US foreign policy under a new tagline, “restoring American leadership”, in an attempt to repair strained diplomatic relations.

Mr Biden has made clear that his administration would reverse Mr Trump’s signature foreign policy decisions by immediately re-entering the Paris climate accord and halting the country’s exit from the World Health Organization.

The former vice-president has also signalled that he will rejoin the Iran nuclear deal if Tehran comes back into compliance, boost diplomatic support for Nato, turn sour on Saudi Arabia, and lead a series of international initiatives, including on the global response to the pandemic.

“America First has made America Alone,” Mr Biden said in a town-hall meeting last week, adding that Mr Trump had embraced “thugs” like the leader of North Korea while undermining support for Nato to the point that it was “at a risk of beginning to crack”.