Georgia battle could swing control of US Senate

Georgia battle could swing control of US Senate

Fate of Republican seat hangs on businesswoman Kelly Loeffler’s allegiance to Donald Trump

When Georgia’s Republican governor appointed former Wall Street executive Kelly Loeffler to the US Senate in December last year, he thought she would appeal to moderate suburban women who had grown weary of Donald Trump.

So it was a surprise to many when, in her very first television appearance, Ms Loeffler described herself as pro-gun rights, “pro-Trump, pro-military and pro-wall”.

Now, as she tries to fight off a strong challenge that could help determine control of the US Senate in a special election on Tuesday, she has lurched even further to the right.

Two weeks ago, wearing a trucker hat with an American flag patch, Ms Loeffler beamed as she accepted the endorsement of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a controversial Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives who has promoted QAnon conspiracy theories.