GOP Report, Like Biden, Urges Multilateral Approach to China

GOP Report, Like Biden, Urges Multilateral Approach to China

Republicans on Senate Foreign Relations Committee recommend putting aside differences with Europe that have rankled ties

Republican lawmakers are pressing for a more multilateral approach to confronting China with expanded help from Europe, a strategy that dovetails with the view of the incoming Biden administration.

Republicans from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are set to release a report Wednesday on working more closely with European partners, the United Nations and other market-led democracies.

“It is our populations—the U.S. and Europe—that built the world order of today, not China,” said Sen. Jim Risch, the chairman of the Senate committee, in an interview. “The world order that we have, based on democracy and based on the rule of law, is where this planet should go if it’s going to have a future.”

If Republicans retain control of the Senate, Mr. Risch will continue leading the chamber’s foreign-policy committee, which President-elect Joe Biden also chaired during his Senate career. The Idaho Republican said the report wasn’t timed with the election or presidential transition but that he would be willing to work with a Biden administration on confronting China with more help from Europe.