In Trump’s hometown, crowds celebrate his defeat

In Trump’s hometown, crowds celebrate his defeat

President’s awkward relationship with New York City was on display across the Big Apple

After Joe Biden was declared the victor in the 2020 presidential election, Khari Battle decided to head to Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan wearing a Biden-Harris T-shirt to celebrate Donald Trump’s defeat.

“Finally we showed love over hate,” said Mr Battle, a New York resident who voted by mail in North Carolina. “This era is still not the post-racism era, but it is the chance to vote for someone who does not incite racist division in the country.”

Mr Battle was not alone. Crowds gathered near the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street, in the shadow of Mr Trump’s most famous property, to chant “you are fired” as many more screamed and passing cars honked.

Asked if he had seen any Trump supporters around the building in the hours after the race was declared, a police officer said: “No, I have not.”

The celebrations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, where Mr Trump’s father grew the family property development business after the second world war, were emblematic of the tensions between the president and his hometown during his four years in the White House.