China to overtake US as world’s top economy in 2032 despite Washington hostilities, state think tank predicts

  • Report is based on prevailing assumptions in Beijing that China’s economic rise is unstoppable
  • Development Research Centre of the State Council suggests that feuds with United States will continue to intensify over the next five years

China is expected to surpass the United States to become the world’s largest economy in a little more than a decade, despite escalating hostilities with Washington, a Beijing-based governmental think tank has forecast.

The prediction, made by researchers at the Development Research Centre (DRC) of the State Council, the Chinese government’s cabinet, reflects mainstream assumptions in Beijing about the success of the Chinese government’s new development strategy of focusing more on its domestic market, given the intensifying economic, technological and geopolitical rivalry with the United States.

The report also underlines a big assumption in China that the country’s economic rise is unstoppable.