Republican resistance to Biden victory starts to crack

Republican resistance to Biden victory starts to crack

Trump allies suggest president-elect be given access to intelligence briefings

A small but influential group of Republicans has begun urging President Donald Trump to concede last week’s election, with a growing number urging him to at least allow Joe Biden access to daily intelligence briefings.

Mr Trump has refused to accept his loss and has barred federal agencies from co-operating with the president-elect’s transition team, which has included preventing Mr Biden from being briefed by US spy agencies — a tradition for incoming presidents that dates back decades.

Republican leaders in Congress have argued that the winner is only declared once each state certifies its results, a position that avoids antagonising the conservative base of Trump supporters. But a growing number have started to urge Mr Trump to accept the inevitable.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Mike DeWine, the governor of Ohio, acknowledged that Mr Biden had won the presidential election. “Joe Biden is the president-elect,” said Mr DeWine, a Republican who endorsed Mr Trump for re-election.

Mr Trump and other White House officials have continued to make baseless claims of voter fraud, while Republican lawyers have filed lawsuits intended to challenge the results in some of the crucial swing states that helped Mr Biden secure victory, such as Pennsylvania and Michigan.