Sabah artists use artwork to ‘fight’ dirty politicians

Sabah artists use artwork to ‘fight’ dirty politicians

A SUIT-WEARING, banana-munching gorilla tries to call order over a group of bickering animals and among them, an ape is hurling expletives at a howling dog.

Behind the ape is a frog holding a fishing rod while another frog hops over.

Meanwhile, a group of chimpanzees depict the proverb “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” as they cover their eyes, ears and mouths, while the jungle behind them is on fire.

“Doesn’t this look like Parliament?” said Rizo Leong, of the artwork on a canvas on the floor of a studio in Seppangar, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The woodprint is the latest creation by Pangrok Sulap, a collective of Sabah artists who use art to criticise and protest against the bad they see in today’s politics.

“Politicians argue, shout and hop at will while the country burns in the background,”   said Leong, 36, Pangrok Sulap’s founder.

The latest piece, titled ParLIARment, was done by eight Sabah artists. It has come to define what politics means to the collective, more so in the face of the state elections on September 26.

“This took us two weeks to create. One week to conceptualise and then another week to carve it out on wood panels.

“After that, we get people to print the images out on fabric or paper.”