Samsung to challenge Sony’s stronghold in image sensor market

Samsung to challenge Sony’s stronghold in image sensor market

Two companies taking different paths in navigating U.S.-China tech conflict

TOKYO/SEOUL — Samsung Electronics is challenging Sony’s stronghold in the global market for image sensors used in smartphones at a time when geopolitical risks involving Chinese giant Huawei Technologies are changing the competitive landscape.

Sony, which commands more than half of the market, has prioritized the supply of image sensors to Huawei and other leading smartphone manufacturers. But the strategy has backfired.

While competition for 5G smartphones is increasing, the struggles for leadership in the image sensor market are also intensifying.

“Sony maintains a cautious stance, while Samsung is going on an investment offensive as if now is their chance,” said an official with a supplier of equipment used in the production process of image sensors. “The two companies are demonstrating totally different moves.”

The comment followed several large orders the supplier won in August and September, all of which were from South Korea’s Samsung.