Supreme Court Fight Galvanizes Final Sprint of Trump-Biden Race

Supreme Court Fight Galvanizes Final Sprint of Trump-Biden Race

  • Biden to focus argument on court’s influence on health care
  • Trump hopes to distract from coronavirus, economic issues

Donald Trump’s plans to name a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this week offer Joe Biden the chance to galvanize newly energized Democrats, while providing the president a fresh battle in a culture war he’s waged for four years.

Early reaction to Ginsburg’s death on Friday suggests Biden stands to gain more politically from the sudden vacancy, as it underscores the stakes of the contest for liberal voters who had been reluctant to endorse his centrist candidacy.

A flood of Democratic fundraising since Friday signals that fear of a generation-long conservative hold on the Supreme Court has rallied support behind the former vice president, and gives Biden a new chance to extend his advantage with younger and female voters who viewed Ginsburg as an icon.

In the 48 hours after Ginsburg’s death, donors poured more than $120 million into the ActBlue platform, which processes grassroots donations for Democratic Party candidates and causes. That included $71 million on Saturday alone, shattering the party’s previous one-day record of $42 million.

The donations on the left may accelerate after Trump names his choice to replace the justice, who will be memorialized at the Supreme Court this week followed by a private burial at Arlington National Cemetery.