Taiwan stuck at a crossroads with US and China over trade deals, facing conflicting prospects

  • Speculation has mounted as to whether China will allow its Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Taiwan to end amid rising political tensions
  • US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar also floated the prospect of renewing long-running US-Taiwan trade talks, but doubts remain on both frontsUS First Lady Melania Trump has made a heartfelt plea for racial unity in a live speech from the White House to the Republican party convention.

Washington rekindled an old Taiwanese dream this month when a cabinet member floated the idea of a trade deal with the United States, a goal discussed for the past quarter of a century between the export-reliant Asian economy and its second largest market.

At the same time, there are question marks hanging over Taiwan’s 10-year old trade deal with mainland China, which Beijing officials have publicly discussed cancelling as political ties spiral downward.The Taiwanese economy finds itself at a crossroads, even as it is celebrated as one of the few to have navigated the coronavirus pandemic relatively unscathed.