Tech after Trump: What a Biden win will mean for Asia

Tech after Trump: What a Biden win will mean for Asia

President-elect is expected to be more strategic on China and immigration issues

PALO ALTO, U.S./TAIPEI/SEOUL — Joe Biden is set to move into the White House on Jan. 20, and the global tech industry is, by and large, breathing a sigh of relief. Hopes are high that the Democrat — who was hailed as the winner of the tightly contested U.S. presidential election at the weekend — will oversee an easing of tensions with China and bring some much-needed stability back to business.

But there are also questions hanging over Biden, including how he intends to rein in Big Tech in America, and how much scope he will have to implement his policies if his party fails to gain control of the Senate.

After four volatile years under Donald Trump, here are four ways life could change for the world’s chipmakers, smartphone manufacturers, internet giants and more.

U.S.-China tech decoupling to slow?

One of the greatest hopes the tech world has for Biden is that he will reverse — or at least slow — the decoupling of U.S. and Chinese supply chains.