The next Trump travel ban: Chinese Communist Party members?

The next Trump travel ban: Chinese Communist Party members?

  • Under a draft presidential order, the Trump administration could bar all CCP members and their families
  • As many as 270 million Chinese people — from traveling to the U.S. The policy would be difficult to implement, and its benefits are unclear.

Banning large groups of foreigners from coming to the United States for arbitrary reasons is a signature Trump move. From closing American borders to travelers from multiple Muslim-majority countries since 2017, to barring all immigration from Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, in January of this year, Trump has no qualms with severing people-to-people relationships.

A new ban under considerationaccording to the New York Times, would do just that with a fifth of China’s population:

The Trump administration is considering a sweeping ban on travel to the United States by members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families…

The presidential proclamation, still in draft form, could also authorize the United States government to revoke the visas of party members and their families who are already in the country, leading to their expulsion. Some proposed language is also aimed at limiting travel to the United States by members of the People’s Liberation Army and executives at state-owned enterprises, though many of them are likely to also be party members…

Counting party members as well as their families, the ban could technically bar travel to the United States for as many as 270 million people, according to one internal administration estimate.

The presidential order is still in draft form, and “the issue had not yet been brought to President Donald Trump,” according to Reuters. The Chinese foreign ministry has already commented on the plans, calling them “very pathetic” and saying the U.S. is “ridiculously acting in contrary to the wishes of the Chinese people.” State-run newspaper the Global Times went further: