The real numbers game – Phar Kim Beng

The real numbers game – Phar Kim Beng

LET’S face it. Malaysians have all the worst political habits in the world, only to correct them one by one since 2008, if not earlier, when they began to understand the importance of people power.

Thus, civil society began to move in tandem with the opposition movement named Pakatan Harapan.

But instead of consolidating this twin pincer for the purpose of achieving a much-needed and long-awaited reform of government, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, after becoming prime minister for the second time, cracked open the divide-and-rule playbook and drove a wedge between civil society and the people.

He didn’t give a hoot over what Bersih said, let alone Tindak, or any movement connected to Felda. Like an anachronistic political creature, he went back to his old policies of stacking his people according to what his “race” could do in the state.

And so began another round of government-linked investment company (GLIC) and government-linked company (GLC) placements.