What Caucasian really means

What Caucasian really means

When filling out government forms or other paperwork we may come across the section urging us to fill out which ethnicity applies. We often see Caucasian, Black or African, Asian, American and Alaskan Indian, Pacific Islander and more. In the specific area stated Caucasian, right under in parenthesis it’s stated that the Middle East and North Africa are included.

Geographically, the Middle East is mostly in West Asia and North Africa. The term the Middle East itself is colonial considering it’s Western term that originated from the British Empire.

Ethnically, the majority of people from the SWANA region — Southwest Asia and North Africa — are not white. This region includes various ethnicities such as Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Persians, Assyrians, Arabs, and many more.

Now, the term Caucasian is often used to describe people from this region, as well as white Americans. The term Caucasian does not mean white, however, and here is a brief explanation of why that is.

18th-century German Anatomist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach was a professor of medicine at the University of Göttingen, a respected researcher and is considered one of the founders of scientific anti-racism. He studied facial features and skull morphology where he identified and claimed five human races: Caucasian, Malayan, Ethiopian, American, and Mongolian.