White nationalists target scattered Trump supporters

White nationalists target scattered Trump supporters

Some on extreme right view closure of Parler and end of Trump presidency as chance to gain and radicalise new recruits

White nationalists are seizing the opportunity to further radicalise the fragmented pro-Donald Trump movement, after crackdowns by large social networks scattered the former US president’s most ardent supporters on to fringe platforms.

In the run-up to US president Joe Biden’s inauguration, Facebook and Twitter both censored far-right narratives and Mr Trump himself, while the popular rightwing platform Parler was forced offline after Amazon cut its web hosting.

As a result, remaining supporters of Donald Trump — particularly those who follow the persistent QAnon conspiracy theory — have been forced to migrate to alternative platforms such as the messaging service Telegram.

There, fascist groups have been quick to infiltrate pro-Trump channels or even create their own, aiming to draw the remnants of the movement towards the extreme right, say experts, with efforts intensifying after Mr Biden’s inauguration.