Who does China want to be the next US president?

Who does China want to be the next US president?

  • China expects a potential Joe Biden presidency to exercise a more predictable foreign policy strategy, but the goals may not differ much from the current animosity towards Beijing. 

While Joe Biden’s campaign is pitching American voters a “return to normalcy” after the Trump era, few expect the same when it comes to US- China relations.

While the former vice-president is currently ahead in the polls, many pundits expect the race to tighten. China is likely to become one of the key foreign policy areas where the two candidates look to gain an edge by exploiting their rival’s perceived vulnerabilities.

Both Donald Trump and Biden once bragged about their connection to Chinese President Xi Jinping, but have markedly shifted their stance in the past few months, sparring fiercely over who will be tougher on the Communist Party.

With the future hanging in the balance, Beijing has dramatically toned down its nationalist rhetoric and largely stayed reticent about the upcoming elections.